Green Liberal Democrats Climate Cluster (Councillor only)

The Climate Cluster happens every week on Wednesday at 10 am on Zoom and is chaired by Wera Hobhouse MP. It brings together local councillors and policymakers, from around the country and welcomes a speaker every week who is an expert in their field.

Issues discussed or coming up range from local area energy planning and renewables, to sustainable ways to surface roads, to talks from NGOs such as Friends of the Earth. 

Coming up in the next few months we will have talks from WWF on their ‘Forest Pathways Report’, an ex-pilot who works to help green the aviation industry (Safe Landing) and a Public Health expert who Chairs the Transport and Health Science Group and is the President of Doctors with UNITE to discuss how climate change and health are linked. These are just a few of the exciting topics that will be discussed and presented. 

They cover local and national policy ideas and aim to inspire or give ideas to councillors about what they could be doing in their area! It is usually a presentation followed by a Q&A and there’s always plenty of time for questions.

The goal of the Cluster is to facilitate tangible action, so creating links between our councillors and these organisations is so important, that it goes beyond just this meeting.

The climate cluster is a councillor only meeting. If you would like to be added to the mailing list or receive the link we use for the Zoom meeting (it is the same link every week) please email the Green Liberal Democrat Political Assistant Kat Ewing at

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