Elect Her: Equip Her Support for 2024

Equip Her is Elect Her’s programme of support for women candidates. 

Equip Her 2024 is for women standing in the local elections in May 2024, and in the upcoming general election, including those not yet selected. 

Starting in November, through to both the local and general election, Elect Her are offering women of all parties access to online training resources and regular live sessions. 

Registering for Equip Her gives women candidates access to two strands of support:

Online resources: 

  • Campaign in a Box: Self-led training on running an election campaign
  • Online Safety and Digital Self Defence: Self-led training on online safety

Regular live sessions led by experts:

  • LEARN: Live skills-based training workshops
  • ASK: Live Q and A clinics
  • CARE: Live self-care for service sessions

A full list of events and further information can be found here.

Elect Her is a non-politically aligned organisation and mean women:

  • Have a safe-space to ask questions and explore challenges away from the campaign, building their confidence and expertise
  • Are championed for who they are – not what they do or stand for
  • Develop skills in cross-party collaboration which sets them up for effective working once in office

Last year 54% of women who accessed Equip Her support were elected. 

Candidates can register here.

Registered participants will receive details on how to access support and join live sessions.

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