Remembrance Sunday guidance from the Royal British Legion

Many Councillors will be attending Remembrance Sunday services next week.

The Royal British Legion have shared some guidance with us about any communications sent regarding remembrance.

“Remembrance events are organised by a variety of community groups and civic authorities, and the Royal British Legion advises attendees to follow the instructions of their respective event organiser. For more guidance, please refer to the Ceremonial Handbook.

The Poppy is a registered trademark of the Royal British Legion. As a charity that operates within strict Charity Commission and Electoral Commission rules during the regulated period, we request that candidates refrain from referencing the Royal British Legion by name or featuring our logo in election campaign literature. This is to ensure that RBL safeguards its political independence and cannot be perceived to support any one candidate or party over another.”

However the RBL are very clear that they don’t want to deter campaigner engaging with Remembrance. They are very clear that so long as people are sensible, they are comfortable with and encourage them to share their activity over this period.

  • The RBL Ceremonial Handbook advising on protocol for Remembrance Services is here.
  • Information from the RBL on buying wreaths can be found here.

Cllr John Howson says

January 2022 version needs updating. Have they produced one with references to present Monarch?

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