Council Motion: Broadband Infrastructure (Dudley Liberal Democrats)

Many areas are experiencing issues with broadband companies installing their infrastructure on local streets – with no requirement to obtain planning permission or carry out consultation.

Under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 broadband providers only need to give the planning authority 28 days notice of their intention to install infrastructure (and do not have to follow any advice or requests given) and they have no requirement to carry out proper public consultation or respond to resident feedback.

This has resulted in unsightly and obstructive telecoms poles being installed in residential areas very rapidly and with with very little or no warning in many areas of the country.

Dudley Liberal Democrats have moved a Council Motion calling on Government to support the progressing Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill which would require this infrastructure to follow planning procedures – and on local broadband companies to carry out meaningful consultation with residents.

You can download the motion from Dudley Lib Dems here.

Below is a Template Council Motion based on the Dudley Lib Dem motion that you can copy and localise to your council area.

This Council believes that proper consultation with residents regarding all types of development serves only to benefit both residents and developers.

The Council recognises the current roll out of broadband infrastructure by [COMPANY NAME] across [AREA NAME].

The Council believes that while [COMPANY NAME] is working within the framework of the law, there have been numerous cases where telegraph poles have been erected or have been proposed inappropriately, such as blocking public footpaths or on private property.

The Council believes it is a failure of national planning law that telecommunications companies are able to bypass the planning authority.

The Council therefore resolves to:

  • Urgently publish a Q&A page on the Council’s website detailing what residents’ rights are in regard to telecommunications infrastructure rollout and how residents can object and comment on development.
  • Instruct the Chief Executive to write to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities calling for the Government to support the Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill to ensure that telecommunications companies must follow regular planning procedures for the installation of broadband infrastructure.
  • Instruct the Chief Executive to write to the Chief Executive of [COMPANY NAME] asking for their broadband rollout to be halted across [AREA NAME] until a better method of consultation is agreed and approved by Members to provide adequate warning to residents and give an opportunity for feedback.

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