Lib Dem HQ: Rail Ticket Office Pack

1,000 rail station ticket offices are under threat. Passengers – already faced with long delays, cancelled services and sky-high prices – will now have nowhere to turn if they need help at the station.

Elderly and disabled people will be hardest hit. Being able to speak to someone at a ticket office is a vital lifeline for people who struggle with ticket vending machines or need to ask questions about complex journeys. No wonder so many people are concerned about these closures.

The Lib Dem Campaigns & Elections Team have produced a pack on saving our ticket officers to help you campaign locally.

The pack includes a:

  • Standalone leaflet
  • Template press release
  • Template email
  • Drop-in for your FOCUS leaflets
  • Petition template
  • Council Motion from ALDC

Jeremy Wilcock says

Last week I proposed a Motion at the Full Council meeting of the East Riding authority, urging them to call on the Government to tell the RDG not to proceed with its plans. The Tories tried to weaken it with an amendment but were outvoted - first vote they have lost in at least seven years ! Mine/ours was then passed almost unanimously. Our colleagues in Hull had a similar motion passed unanimously.

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