Council Motion: Ban Pets Given Away as Prizes (RSPCA)

The RSPCA is running a campaign calling on the Government to introduce an outright ban on pets being given away as prizes in England and Wales (similar to the ban introduced in Scotland in 2006).

As part of this campaign they are calling on Local Council’s to ban live animals being given away as prizes on events being held on council-owned land.

Often animals are kept and transported in conditions that does not meet their needs – leading to many dying before new owners get them home.

A full briefing on the issue can be downloaded here

A template Council Motion, written by the RSPCA, can be copied below. Please note this is only relevant to England and Wales as legislation has already been introduced in Scotland to ban this practice.

This Council;

● Is concerned about the number of cases reported to the RSPCA each year, regarding pets given as prizes via fairgrounds, social media, and other channels
● Is concerned for the welfare of those animals that are being given as prizes
● Recognises that many cases of pets being as prizes may go unreported each year
● Supports a move to ban the giving of live animals as prizes, in any form, in [Insert Council Name].

The Council agrees to:

● Ban outright the giving of live animals as prizes, in any form, on [Council Name] land.
● Write to the UK Government, urging an outright ban on the giving of live animals as prizes on both public and private land.

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