Campaign Pack: Stop Puppy Farms

Puppy farms are illegal and unlicensed premises where puppies are bred in poor conditions purely for profit with little care taken for dog’s welfare.

It is estimated that 400,000 farmed puppies are brought each year – by people who have no idea about the terrible conditions dogs suffer.

Despite this the Conservative Government abandoned a key election promise by scrapping the Kept Animals Bill in May 2023. This would have introduced new regulations to help crack down on puppy farming and puppy smuggling practices.

Local Councils have a large role to play in ensuring puppy breeders are licensed and monitored. Anyone who breeds more than 2 litters a year (4 in Scotland) or sells puppies for a profit must have a license from their Council to do so. Council’s can also promote reputable dog breeders and raise awareness of how to spot signs of illegal farming when looking to buy puppies.

We have provided some campaign resources to help you campaign to stop puppy farming in your area.

There are two versions of each resource. One for Conservative facing areas and another for other areas.

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