Council Motion: Boys Need Bins

Prostate Cancer UK are running a campaign to improve facilities in male toilets for those suffering from incontinence.

The ‘Boys Need Bins‘ campaign encourages every public toilet and business across the UK to provide incontinence bins in their male toilets.

Local councils at all levels may manage public toilets and changing rooms in a variety of buildings. Therefore your council could really take a lead on this issue – as Lib Dem led Winchester Council has done.

Below is an excellent motion from the Lib Dems on Hull City Council. The full motion can be copied below and also downloaded here  

Council notes Prostate Cancer UK’s campaign of “boys need bins” which highlights the growing numbers of those who suffer with incontinence issues as a result of prostate treatment.

Prostate Cancer UK cites that 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer and that 1 in 3 men over 65 are estimated to have a urinary incontinence problem. Council believes that it is important to make life more comfortable and dignified for those who suffer such problems.

Council supports the provision of sanitary bins in all toilets so that waste products can be disposed of in a discreet and hygienic manner.

Council requests that the Chief Executive works with Officers of the Council to roll out a programme to provide sanitary bins, in Council owned or managed male toilets by the end of 2023. Council calls upon Cabinet make the funding available to achieve this.

Council further requests that the Leader writes to the MPs covering our Authority area to ask them to publicly back the campaign, as found on the Prostate Cancer UK website.


Tracy Stewart says

I am part of this campaign and applaud this motion. Men must have adequate and equal facilities for disposal as provided according to legislation for women which requires a bin in toilets used by women. It is essential there is adequate provision for anyone to dispose of personal hygiene waste discreetly, hygienically and correctly. Anyone with incontinence, which affects a significant number of people of all ages, either temporarily or permanently, needs to know that they can dispose of their used product wherever they are. The provision of bins should be the same for men as it is for women and people of all ages. We all need access to accessible, discrete, hygienic and correct waste disposal. Boys Need Bins is the name of campaign. They really do!

Lubna Latif Curtis says

I have been working on the campaign at Prostate Cancer UK and am truly delighted to read and see the proactive approach of the Council. It pleases me no end to see a draft motion also shared, helping to make this change far easier for Councils to implement.
We applaud this work and hope to see other Councils, Parishes, workplaces and the like take the initiative and provide support for men and those who need access to a sanitary bin in male assigned toilets.

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