A Party Built on Volunteering

The Liberal Democrats is a party built on volunteering.  

So many Lib Dem members take on a volunteering role within the party – if you are not doing one of these roles, you probably know someone who is!  

So, this is just a huge thank you to all those who are…. 

  • Serving on a local Party Executive 
  • Volunteering for their Regional or State Party 
  • Adding to the vibrancy of our membership by being part of an affilated organistion  
  • The hours served on Federal Committees to ensure the Party is member led 
  • Donating money to causes such as the Fighting Fund to get more Lib Dems elected 
  • Election agents who have such as responsibility for keeping our elections on the straight and narrow 
  • And of course, all of those hours on the campaign trail – from art working leaflets to sending emails; addressing blue envelopes to knocking on doors; delivering literature to stuffing envelopes. 

ALDC Party President Tim Farron said; ‘Volunteers are the backbone of the Liberal Democrats. Members, supporters and people in our communities make sure more people are represented by Liberal Democrats at all levels of government.’

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