Using Royal Mail Door 2 Door

Election Workshop are offering to prepare your leaflets for a Royal Mail Door to Door delivery.

With Royal Mail Door to Door your leaflet will be delivered by the Royal Mail to every household in a postcode sector. This can be a real time saver if you are struggling for capacity, and can be used for areas hard to reach on foot (rural, city centre etc).

You must book your own Door to Door slot and pay for it separately in advance. Once your slot is secured you will be sent a contract and preparation details. This will need forwarding to Election Workshop who can prepare and deliver your leaflets to your RM distribution centre for a small additional cost.

Leaflets need to be with the Royal Mail between 7 and 18 working days before delivery. Election Workshop will need your copy in advance of this date to produce and deliver the leaflet before the royal mail deadline (which is not the distribution date).

How Royal Mail Door to Door works

The Royal Mail will deliver unaddressed leaflets to every house within a postcode sector. This is the first number after the gap in your post code. So if your postcode is HU7 3AA the leaflets will be delivered to every house in the HU7 3 area.

Door to Door deliveries must be booked and paid for in advance. Each postcode sector has limited availability each week and is allocated on a first come first serve basis.

You need to contact Royal Mail to find out when a drop is available for the postcode sectors you want to deliver. You can then reserve this slot which will then need to be booked with payment.

Contact Royal Mail Door to Door here.

Before you book you need to check which postcode sectors fall into your ward, and whether these sectors also extend into other people’s wards. Postcode sectors are rarely co-terminus with ward boundaries.

Working out the Sectors in your Ward

This needs to be done on Connect. Go to Create a List and produce a list for your ward using the Districts search field. Then Run Counts and Crosstabs and under column one select Data Field and then Postal Sector. Change the field from People to Doors from your list and then refresh results.

This should then give you an exact figure of how many doors are in each postcode sector in your ward.

You then need to check if any of these postcode sectors extend into other wards. Go back to Create a List and then under Addresses type a Postcode Sector and run the search. Then Run Counts and Crosstabs again this time selecting Polling District under column one. This will show you the total number of doors in each polling district in that sector.

If the postal sectors in your ward extend into another ward you can either produce a leaflet that is relevant to both wards, or you can just choose the sectors exclusive to your ward in your Door to Door booking and then deliver the rest of your ward by hand.

Organising with Election Workshop

As part of the Thank You Leaflet A3/A4 bulk buy Election Workshop can package your leaflets and drop them off with the Royal Mail for a small additional fee.

Full pricing, and booking information, can be found on the bulk buy webpage here.

If you want to discuss further with Election Workshop you can contact them on

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