Electoral Reform Campaign Pack (LDER & ALDC)

Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform and ALDC have produced a campaign pack of materials to help you campaign for electoral reform in your area.

Activist Briefing

Electoral reform has regained momentum as a political issue.

It might not be the issue we lead with on our Focus leaflets – but it is something we should think about including as a secondary story and it can also be useful for our squeeze and switch messages.

Localising your Message

To help you localise your message you can download a spreadsheet of 2021 Census Data by constituency. This contains a breakdown of the 2019 General Election result that you can use to calculate the wasted votes in your area.

To calculate the wasted votes in your constituency you need to add up all of the votes that did not count towards the result (all votes for losing parties and surplus votes for the winning candidate over the second-placed candidate).

So for instance using the data available for Watford, using the image below:

  • Add up the votes cast for losing candidates (21988 + 9323 +333) = 31,644
  • Calculate the surplus votes of the winning candidate over the second placed candidate (26421 – 21988) = 4433
  • Add together to get the total wasted votes (31644 + 4433) = 36077
  • You can divide by the overall turnout to get a percentage figure for wasted votes (36077 / 58065 x 100) = 62.1%

Campaign Resources

You can download a range of campaign resources below to help you campaign on this in your area.

Remember the drop ins are designed to be used as secondary stories in your leaflets – rather than the main story.

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