Nominations Toolkit and Webinar

For those of us with local elections in May the deadline to sort out the Nominations Paperwork is fast approaching.

Candidates will need to fill out and submit their full set of nomination forms before Friday 4 April at 5pm.

Remember just 2 signatures are required from local electors in your paperwork for the local elections this year. This rule change will save valuable time and make it much easier to stand a full slate of candidates in our council areas.

We have updated our Nomination Forms Toolkit to take account of the new rules around nominations. The toolkit will also take you through all the other forms you have to submit as part of your nominations pack. You can find the toolkit on the link below:

We are also hosting Webinars on Wednesday 8 March to take you through how to fill out your nomination forms. There are two sessions at 12:30 and 17:00. The webinar will be useful for candidates and agents no matter what your level of experience and will be a great opportunity to ask any questions about the process.

The Webinars are free to attend but you must sign up in advance to receive a link to the meeting. You can sign up using the link below:

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