Leaflet of the Week – Wiltshire – 21/9/22

Here at ALDC, we wanted to highlight some of our Party’s fantastic local literature, and here is this week’s winner!

Congratulations to the team in Wiltshire who are this week’s winners! You can see their fantastic leaflet here, or download the Affinity File here.

This week’s leaflet is something a little different – but a really useful piece of literature – a cost of living money help sheet. It is so important that we are out there helping our residents and neighbours in this incredibly difficult time – especially when the government is absent. This help sheet is a fantastic resource for the Wiltshire and Cotswold communities.

It’s great to see different leaflets from across the country, and yet again this week we had some really brilliant entries – thank you so much!

To see all of the previous winners of Leaflet of the Week, click here.

Send entries for next week to Frankie Singleton charles.quinn@aldc.org!

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