Campaign Pack: Fair Access to Benefits for Veterans

Under the Armed Forces Covenant, Local Authorities have a duty to ensure the Armed Forces community do not face disadvantage in the provision of services.

However many Armed Forces veterans who have been awarded military compensation for injury, trauma and hardship caused in the line of their service find that this compensation interacts with other benefits and can affect their entitlement to discretionary payments provided by Local Councils – such as Council Tax Support, Discretionary Housing Payments and Disabled Facilities Grants.

Most national benefits – such as Universal Credit – disregard military compensation as income when assessing entitlement to benefits. However many Council’s operate differently.

ALDC has produced some campaign materials to help you investigate this issue on your Council – and fight for fairer access to benefits for armed forces veterans.

You can find out more about the Royal British Legion’s campaign to ‘Make the Benefits System Fit for Service’ here.

We would love to hear how you are using these resources in your local area. Please let us know if you have moved a motion, asked a portfolio holder question or used the Council in any other way to fight for fairer access to benefits for veterans. Please email us here.

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