Fair Tax Campaign Materials

Fair Tax Week is coming up in the UK from 11-19 June 2022.

Fair Tax Week promotes businesses and organisations that pay their fair share of tax, and calls for greater measures to tackle corporate tax-avoidance.

  • More information about Fair Tax Week can be found in this article written for us by the Fair Tax Foundation here.
  • You can also download some social media graphics to promote Fair Tax Week in your area here.

Fair Tax is also an issue local Councils can take a lead on and promote responsible tax behaviour in their local areas.

Research has shown that two-thirds of residents believe that the tax-record of a company should be taken into account when Councils are awarding contracts, as well as prices and quality of services. However billions of pounds of public money is still awarded to companies linked to tax havens each year. This is an issue people feel strongly about, and we can make a difference.

Whether it is Fair Tax Week or not, pushing for your Council to consider the tax conduct of its contractors is a great campaign to run.

  • The Fair Tax Foundation has produced some template Council Motions, calling for your Council to sign up to the Fair Tax Declaration, that can be accessed here.
  • Some editable Affinity Publisher files of Social Media Graphics showing Lib Dem support for Fair Tax can be downloaded here (previews can be downloaded here and here).
  • A Template Press Release, tied into the Council Motions and local Lib Dem campaigning on the issue, can be downloaded here.

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