Council Motion from LGBT+ Lib Dems: Ban Conversion Therapy

Below is a template Council Motion from LGBT+ Lib Dems developed in partnership with Portsmouth Lib Dems. If you are planning on using it please let LGBT+ Lib Dems know on so they can promote the work you are doing.

This Council opposes the harm caused to our LGBT+ community in the past through the denial of rights and equal treatment and further recognises that discrimination does still occur today.

This Council recognises and opposes the ongoing harm the practice of so-called conversion therapy brings to LGBT+ people.

This Council calls on the Government to follow through on the promises made for several years to outlaw the practise of so-called conversion therapy.

This Council also calls on the Government to ensure that any ban on conversion therapy is fully trans-inclusive, protecting all LGBT+ people from this cruel practice.

This Council calls on the Relevant Government Department + Minister to introduce an effective ban on conversion therapy within England, supported by a programme of work to help tackle these practices in all their forms. Furthermore this Council will highlight and promote the continued support, counselling and advocacy our local groups provide to members of the LGBT+ Community.

This Council recognises the excellent work done by local people and organisations to support the LGBT+ community here in [insert local area and namedrop organisations as appropriate], and extends it’s thanks and support to them.

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