‘Councils for PR’ Campaign Launch Event – 23 May 2022

Below is an invitation to a webinar from the Councils for PR campaign – a cross-party campaign encouraging local councils to pass a motion demanding proportional representation in elections. You can find the template motion here.

“Councils for PR” is an all-party campaign to encourage local councils in England and Wales to pass a motion supporting the demand for proportional representation to be used in Westminster elections. The web address is www.councilsforpr.org.uk.  

The organisations Make Votes Matter and Get PR Done have joined forces to officially launch the project on Monday 23 May 2022 at 7pm through Zoom and all pro-PR activists are invited to attend.  

The sole purpose of the joint venture is “to try to get local authority councils across the UK to pass motions in favour of changing the electoral system used in elections to Westminster from First-Past-the-Post to a form of Proportional Representation (PR).” 

Speakers will be Max Wilkinson (Liberal Democrat PPC for Cheltenham), Amelia Womack (Deputy Leader of the Green Party), Clive Lewis (Labour MP for Norfolk South) and Ricky Knight (Green councillor in Barnstaple). 

You can register in advance for the launch:

Hope to see lots of fellow Lib Dems there!!”

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