Ambulance Response Times Campaign Pack (England Only)

In the last quarter of 2021 Ambulance response times in England were the longest since records begun in 2017.

The response times for ‘Category 2’ emergencies – which include strokes, severe burns and potential heart attacks – were particularly concerning. With ambulances taking on average 53 minutes to arrive against a target of 18 minutes.

You can find the response times for each English region for December 2021 here.

You can also put in a Freedom of Information request to your regional Ambulance Service NHS Trust to find the response times for each postcode sector in your region.

ALDC has produced some campaign resources to help you fight for better support for Ambulance services in your area. These particularly focus on the long wait for Category 2 emergencies. All resources are designed to be localised to your area using the regionalised and localised data above.

You can find some Drop-in Focus articles (both full-colour and two-colour) here – PDF preview here.

You can find some Social Media Graphics here – PDF preview here.

You can find an addressed survey on NHS waiting times here – PDF preview here.

A template Council Motion, calling for a CQC investigation into the causes of Ambulance response delays and for support of the Lib Dem Ambulance Response Time Bill going through parliament, can be found here.

The Lib Dem campaigns and elections team have produced a campaign pack on Ambulance Response times which can be found on the Lib Dem Campaign Hub here.

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