Voting Breakdown
Percentage based

Gains and Losses
Percentage based

Liberal Democrat (Andrew Dunkin): 344 [35.1%, +15.4] 
Labour: 303 [30.9%, -24.6]
Conservative: 250 [25.5%, +0.8]
Independent: 56 [5.7%, from nowhere]
Green: 26 [2.7%, from nowhere]

Liberal Democrat GAIN from Labour

David Ridgway says

This is welcome news indeed, as it demonstrates that the LibDems are not simply bashing the Tories, but presenting a suitable agenda that appeals to the left of politics.

Hugh Waterfield says

If the previous Labour councillor took residents for granted, then this is a good result. However, if Labour come round to supporting PR, then we should make common cause with them against the Tories.
In any event, winning a seat is less than half the battle: we must KEEP them, serve our residents, and do the unglamorous work over the years. Voters might then always respect and support us.
But congratulations are due to Andrew and our winning team in Gedling BC.

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