Council Motion: Support the BillyChip for homeless people

The BillyChip launched in 2018 as a currency to allow homeless people to purchase hot food and drink. It can be purchased at participating cafes and takeaways and given to a homeless person who can then exchange it back for food and drink whenever they wish.

It is sold at a number of outlets in various parts of the UK – and some local authorities have worked closely with the Billychip Foundation to promote the chip and increase its use in their local area.

You can find out more about the Billychip here

Below is a template Council Motion from Cheltenham Lib Dems that you can adapt to your area to call on your Council to promote the use of the BillyChip:

Council recognises that two common reasons why members of the public may not give spare change to homeless people are a concern about how that money may be spent, and, due to the recent increase in use of contactless payment cards, people often have less or no cash about their person. 
Council considers the BillyChip, a Ceramic token which can be purchased in cafes and later redeemed by a homeless person in exchange for food and drink, to be a simple, innovative and more secure way for members of the public to give financial support to homeless people, which many wish to do. 
Council recognises further that the BillyChip is already available in numerous outlets across the UK and has already had significant success with thousands of chips bought and exchanged. 

Council offers the BillyChip its full endorsement and commits to supporting the implementation of the chip here in AREA NAME. 
To achieve this, Council resolves to: 

  • Collaborate with the BillyChip Foundation to increase its profile in AREA NAME 
  • Give the BillyChip Foundation free use of Council premises for public information meetings and events. 
  • Promote the BillyChip scheme on the Council’s website and social media feeds – including a listing of all participating venues 
  • Ensure that all appropriate Council-operated venues participate in the scheme. 
  • Work with partner agencies, including AREA NAME Police and AREA NAME Fire & Rescue, to further promote the chip across our area.

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