By-Election Starter Pack

The first few days after a by-election is announced can often be very hectic!

A lot of time needs to be spent in these early days to get things in place for the rest of the campaign such as photos, campaign plans, designing and printing your first leaflet and of course sorting your candidate/agent/nominations!

However with only a few weeks in which to deliver your full campaign it is important to make the most use of each day for campaigning.

ALDC has therefore produced a By-Election Starter Pack with our partners at Election Workshop to very quickly provide you with campaign materials to keep you going for these first few days while you organise the rest of the campaign.

Included in the Starter Pack are:

  • A5 Canvass Cards (choose between 250 and 1000)
  • A4 Local Issue Surveys (choose between 250 and 2000)
  • Up to 100 Window Posters
  • Up to 3000 Cream Envelopes for your Postal Voters
  • Instructions for volunteers addressing cream envelopes and writing your blue ink postal voter cream letter (as well as blue pens and a writing guide)
  • Committee Room Posters
  • Blank Messaging Grids to help you develop your campaign message
  • Postal Vote Registration forms for your Council
  • Voting Registration forms for your Council

Localising your Items are ordering your Starter Pack

The Canvass Cards and Surveys have a national default in case you do not have what is required to localise yet. Both can be localised to your area if you do have what is required. You can very easily localise these templates yourself using ALDC Artworker on this link here. Once you have localised your files you can then select the quantities you would like of each item and order your pack.

The Starter Pack starts at £30 – but you can add as much as you like in to not just keep you going in these early days but also stock up on key items to sustain you throughout the campaign.

If you do not have access to ALDC Artworker you can use this form to fill out the local details you would like including and this can be done for you. Once complete you can upload the form here.

ALDC and Election Workshop is here to support you throughout your campaign. Further advice and guidance can be found in our By-Election Toolkit that will take you through all elements of your campaign. You can also contact ALDC at any time on 0161 302 7532.

Election workshop can provide any campaign literature you need and you can find more templates and contact details here.

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