Campaign Innovation Fund

After a successful first year where we donated £4000 to campaigners across the country, applications for the 2022 elections Campaign Innovation Fund are now open.

This year we are focusing on digital campaigning!

The Campaign Innovation Fund is half-funded by ALDC and half-funded by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, and we will be working alongside Liberal Democrat colleagues to administer grants of up to £900 to run projects designed to help win elections and help the whole party learn how to campaign more effectively.

The Campaign Innovation Fund project team has worked with the party’s digital team to pre-design four projects for you to apply to run. Two campaign teams will be chosen to run each project.

The project titles are:

  • Project 1 – How effective are Facebook adverts?
  • Project 2 – How best to increase sign ups to e-newsletters.
  • Project 3 – Does asking for phone numbers reduce online petition signatories?
  • Project 4 – How best to identify anti-nationalist voters.

The deadline for applications is Friday 31 December 2021, and more in-depth information about the application process and each project can be found here.

Gill Smith says

This sounds really interesting and addresses issues we have often pondered on.
We will investigate further
Gill Smith
Elmbridge Liberal Democrats

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