Selecting Your Candidates

The local elections might seem far away, but in reality they are just around the corner!

Now is the time to be formally selecting our candidates for next year – so they can get campaigning in their community straight away.

ALDC has provided a full Approval and Selection Toolkit in which you can find a full set of resources to help you find your local candidates and then to conduct an approval and selection process to get them formally in place.

You can access the toolkit in the link below.

Jackie Charlton says

Did the toolkit and took elements which were appropriate for B&R Wards. We have started approvals and have 4 new candidates in place with another on the way. I simplified the application form and linked other questions to the interviews by giving questions out to the candidates before interview. The panel all said how well that worked. One more going through the process as I type. Thanks for this it helped.

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