Fighting for Fossil Fuel Divestment on your Council – joint briefing document from ALDC and Divest UK

Local Councils have over £10 billion invested in Fossil Fuels through their pension funds.

Many Local Authorities have passed Council Motions making a commitment to divest their Pension Fund. ALDC recently produced a campaign pack to help you do this – containing campaign materials to help you engage with local residents and campaign for Pension Fund Divestment on your Council. You can find the pack here

Divest UK have worked with ALDC to provide a further briefing for Lib Dem Councillorsthis time focussing on the practical steps you can take within your Council to make divestment a priority.

The briefing contains really useful examples of what Lib Dems have done up and down the country to push for divestment within their Councils and on Pension Fund Boards – and some examples of really stunning successes.

You can find the briefing here.

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