Congratulations to Cllr. Jill Tilt and Cllr. Colin Aitken

For the first time in the STV era for Council elections in Scotland, we have won 2 by-elections on the same day – both in the Highlands.

In Wick and East Caithness, we came from 9th place with 3.7% of the vote to getting Jill Tilt elected, one of the all time best by-election results in Scotland.

And in Inverness West we have a new youngest Scottish Liberal Democrat councillor with Colin Aitken who also delivered a fantastic result.

These by-election wins were no accident – they both came from hard work on the ground by the teams. Plenty of people also came up to the Highlands to help, inspired by the amazing campaigns, or made calls on the phone banks.

ALDC also supported both the by-elections with Fighting Fund Grants, which helped pay for an excellent array of literature including surveys, leaflets, direct mail and blue letters.

These results should be an inspiration for everyone looking to get elected in next year’s Council Elections – showing that where we work, we win!

You can find all the byelection results in detail here.

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