Your views on deals with the Greens and other parties

The Federal Elections and Campaigns Committee has commissioned a report into guidance for local parties in pre-election deals with other political parties. They want to hear your views so please take a moment to complete our very quick survey here

The survey is aimed at all party members so please so get involved and help shape our future working relationships.

Robert BLEZZARD says

Here on the Isle of Wight in 2019 we were prevented by the national party from fielding a general election candidate as part of a deal with the Greens. There was never a chance in hell that the Greens would win the Isle of Wight and in fact the Green vote went down. At the same time we found that a number of sitting Lib Dem MPs including the leader and Tom Brake had Greens standing against them. In short it was a rotten deal and the Isle of Wight was thrown under a bus. This undoubtedly negatively affected us at the local elections in May. As far as the Greens are concerned I am totally opposed to doing deals with Neo-Marxist tree huggers! If anything similar to 2019 is done in the future I will leave the party.

Patrick Reynolds says

The Tories have 61/81 seats on Kent County Council. Based on the 2021 KCC election results they could be reduced to <40 seats if there were deals and agreements. Unless this happens the Tories stranglehold will remain.

William Meyer says

Get on and do a deal with Labour and the Greens

Callum Robertson says

Absolutely not. Nope. No way.

We exist to elect liberals not greens.

Anyone who is interested in getting greens elected can go and join them, I hear it’s only £6 a year.

Alternatively you could save that money and use it to print some street letters that can get a Lib Dem elected.

Paul Roberts says

Any pact must fulfil two tests:
1) We never stand down in a seat we could win
2) It means we can win seats we otherwise can't win

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