Update for Scottish Members

Scottish Webinar: Getting Started

Right now is the time to get started for next year’s Scottish Council elections. So why not join us for our webinar at 7pm on 22 July on  to find out what you should be doing right now. Register here.

Highland By-Elections – We need your help!

Willie Rennie and Christine Jardine have been – and Alex Cole-Hamilton is going up this Friday. So why not join them to help in the Highlands for two great by-elections.

In Inverness West, where our councillor Alex Graham topped the poll last time, it looks like it will be a tight contest between us and the SNP. Our brilliant candidate is Colin Aitken and they have already been knocking on loads of doors and delivering thousands of leaflets. If we want to win, we need as many people to help as possible.

Further north in Jamie Stone’s constituency we have a by-election in Wick and East Caithness and our candidate is Jill Tilt. Jamie’s result shows that this could be another really close contest between us and the SNP – so any help would be appreciated.

The Highlands is of course the most beautiful place in the world so this is a great opportunity to both combine a nice day (or weekend) out and campaign. Get in touch with James Calder at james.calder@aldc.org. for more information.

Thank You Willie Rennie

ALDC wants to take the opportunity to thank Willie Rennie for the huge amount of work and support he has given both to the Scottish Liberal Democrats as their leader for 10 years as well as his continuing support of ALDC.

Willie has always led from the front, during a number of tough years for the Party, and he easily became one of Scotland’s most recognisable public figures.

From his famous by-election win in Dunfermline to his recent huge majority in North East Fife, Willie has proven himself to be a great campaigner as well as a leader.

We look forward to the forthcoming leadership election in Scotland but in the meantime I hope you join us in expressing our appreciating for Willie.

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