Saying Thank You

As we start to evaluate the 2021 elections, it is vital, but easily overlooked, to thank those who have helped us – including those who stood as ‘paper’ candidates.

Whether you’ve won or lost, saying thank you is a necessity that will help you retain volunteers, win the hearts of voters and make your supporters proud.

The thank you leaflet should go out to all voters. Whilst it is primarily a genuine thank you, it also helps to repeat our squeeze message and to prove that we really do work all year round!

To help you get your thank you leaflets out ASAP, we have created the following templates:

We are offering an exceptionally competitive deal, see prices below, on Thank You leaflets through ALDC Artworker which can be accessed here. 

We also have the following templates:

Thank you leaflet PDF

Thank you leaflet Affinity Publisher

You also need to contact all of the people who made your campaign possible. We’ve created some template thank you letters (Word) for you to use. We of course advise you to edit these to suit your needs and some areas find that a thank you card is preferable.

Alan Matthews says

Sorry, just attended your initial induction on Zoom. Tried & failed to copy link to send a review of session.

Happy to complete if you send me the link by email.


Mike Ward says

Can I just check that the pricing is the same if you don't use ALDC Artworker but just supply a PDF?

Gareth Lloyd-Johnson says

Alan - I'll get that out to you.

Mike - Best to speak to Election workshop directly on that - 0161 272 6216.

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