Postal Votes for Holyrood 2021 – How you can help

While at ALDC we share the frustrations of many of you that we couldn’t start canvassing this week, there is still plenty that you can do to help!

Postal votes are landing from the 14th, and some estimates suggest they make up around 40% of the electorate! We need to contact them.

First and foremost we need to speak to as many postal voters as possible. ALDC and the Scottish Liberal Democrat Campaigns Team have set up postal voter phone banks to contact those postal voters on our priority target pools around the country. All you need to do is simply go into your Connect and you should find your local phone banks available. If you don’t see any please contact James Calder at

You can also take part in our Zoom phone bank sessions that we are now running daily – see details of them here:

Our other bit of advice is to deliver, deliver and deliver! If you have letters to deliver to postal voters then great. If not, please deliver as many leaflets as possible! Many of you are either delivering local leaflets or the national leaflets created by the Scottish Campaigns Team. The more that go out before postal votes land, the better.

There are various action day events around the country that you can take part in – find out more here:

With your help we can get in touch with as many postal voters as possible to win more MSPs.

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