LGA: For a greener, fairer, more caring country – three reasons why we need more Lib Dem Councillors

The Liberal Democrats have launched the campaign for the local elections in England on 6 May.

Vote Liberal Democrat on 6 May and you’ll get a local champion who will get things done in your community. You’ll get a cleaner, greener neighbourhood where recovery comes first and local people are listened to.

1. Cleaner, greener neighbourhoods

Lib Dem Councils have a record of delivering greener, cleaner areas where we’re in power locally.

Four out of the top five councils in England for recycling are either Lib Dem led or run – including first placed Lib Dem-run Three Rivers Council.

Lib Dem run Bath Council was the first in the country to introduce a clean air zone – protecting generations to come from dangerous dirty air. Protecting children against the risk of asthma which many in cities suffer from.

In Lib Dem run Chelmsford, we have planted 13,000 trees. And, what’s more, so many of our Lib Dem council groups have put forward motions to tackle the climate emergency.

To create a local green revolution, Liberal Democrats have set out plans for a locally-led Green Transition, backed by forty-eight billion pounds of investment.

2. Protect small businesses and bail out our high-streets

Liberal Democrats will protect our small local businesses like independent shops and pubs with a package of financial support measures including lower business rates and cuts to National Insurance Contributions for employees.

Ed Davey visits a small business in Sunderland

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the heart of our local communities. They have been badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic and the Government have left them high and dry.

Liberal Democrats would put small businesses at the heart of recovery. That’s why we want a full small business recovery package.

We would compensate small businesses for the money they lost due to the pandemic, by covering up to 80% of their fixed costs. We’d slash National Insurance for small business and we’ll provide rent relief for those businesses on the brink.

3. Listen to you and create a more caring country

Liberal Democrats are brilliant community volunteers and have been working hard all year round, despite the difficult circumstances.

The question facing every voter at these local elections, in every community, across our country is this: do you want to keep hold of this precious rediscovery of community?

Liberal Democrats do. Because Liberal Democrats have always been about community.

There are over two and a half thousand Liberal Democrat councillors already serving their communities. People who go the extra mile for their communities – to get things done, for their communities.

Delivering prescriptions to people self-isolating.

Distributing smartphones to care home residents so they can stay in touch with loved ones when in-person visits are impossible.

Getting laptops to disadvantaged children so they could continue to learn when they weren’t at school.

This Liberal Democrat election campaign is all about your community. How we can help your community build back. How we can help local businesses on your high street, closed for months, to re-open, survive and thrive.

How together we can make your community fairer, greener and more caring.

So, on May 6th, people have a fantastic opportunity to back their community, by backing people who believe in their community, people who will act for and with their community – their Liberal Democrat candidate.

You can view our Party Political Broadcast here.

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