Council Motion: Thank School Staff

Many of us, whether as councillors, governors, parents, guardians or just interested citizens will have been following the news closely since the majority of children and young people returned to ‘in person’ education on March 8. None of us could fail to see and acknowledge the work that has gone in from staff across educations, both teaching and in other areas. This motion sets these points out and asks our councils to properly recognise their contribution.

Thanking our Schools and Education Staff

Council shares the delight of children, parents and guardians that pupils and students have finally been able to return to their schools and colleges during the week commencing 8 March. Children and young people will be glad to be back with their teachers and their friends after a year of home-schooling and distance learning that has been very difficult for everyone involved.

Council recognises that teachers and other school and college staff across the whole of the United Kingdom, whether employed at primary, secondary or tertiary level, have demonstrated extraordinary professional commitment and dedication in continuing to deliver an excellent education, whether at the chalk-face or online, to our children and young people in the face of great uncertainty and despite the most adverse conditions faced by such professionals since 1945.

Council further recognises that in schooling the children of other ‘key workers’ teachers and other school staff have enabled parents to carry on doing their essential duties that have saved our lives, supplied us with our daily bread and kept our nation functioning, all the while knowing that their children are safe and being nurtured and cared for.
Council recognises that [AREA] has sadly been very hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and operational difficulties in education have been especially challenging.

Consequently, Council wishes particularly to praise those school and college staff who have been working at schools, academies and colleges across the [AREA]. Such staff include teachers, teaching assistants, catering, cleaning, and caretaking staff, midday supervisors, office support staff, head teachers, childcare club staff, volunteers, and anybody else who has helped to keep our educational establishments open for key workers or who has supported distance learning.

Council believes that parents, guardians and siblings involved in supporting their children and young people in their distance learning will have developed a deeper appreciation of the work that our professional educators do on a day-to-day basis, particularly in these challenging times.
Council therefore resolves to ask the Chief Executive to write to the local representatives of the professional bodies and trades unions for the teaching and ancillary professions to pass on these sentiments and our thanks for a job well done after one year of Lockdown.

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