England: Lib Dem Triathlon

ALDC recently released our article on campaigning safely and there are now some additional resources from Lib Dem HQ to help.

Where once we Mara-phoned, now we Triathlon! In honour of the lifting of restrictions on political campaigning in England, this weekend the Campaign & Elections team is throwing a day of campaigning, the National Triathlon. They’re giving our 2021 election campaigns a flying start as we can now do the big three of campaigning (leafleting, doorstep and phone canvassing). Please submit your local events on the shiny new page, www.libdems.org.uk/triathlon.

They’ve also created a campaign pack to help your local party throw the biggest event possible, complete with checklists, template emails and so much more. It’s vital that we get as many activists pounding the pavement this weekend, so check out the pack here.

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