MiVote: A new voting tool for ALDC Group Membership

MiVote is a voting tool new to ALDC and to Liberal Democrat parties

If you have voted in a Liberal Democrat election before, you will have used MiVote! MiVote is already used by the Liberal Democrat federal party by delegates voting on motions at conference, or in the party leadership elections.

Currently, users have to pay for this service but it is available to those currently in Group Membership, free of charge!

We think this is an amazingly democratic and slick tool to use at group AGMs and policy discussions. Through MiVote, you can effectively run the same votes and elections as the Liberal Democrat federal party does, but ALDC are offering this for free to those enjoying ALDC group membership.

We will also train returning officers to allow them to run the online voting for you.

It’s really easy, all delegates get an email, and its as simple as electors clicking a link. Your nominated returning officer sends an email and then they count the votes, thus providing an accessible, secure and transparent ballot.

If you want to know more about this voting system and how your local party can access group membership, please get in touch by emailing: info@aldc.org

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