Group Membership: Exciting new offer for Council groups

You may have heard about ALDC’s Group Membership offer before.  If you were ever unsure, or wanted to know more, then this blog post should explain everything you need to know. 

By being a group member you get access to an enhanced offer of 5 features that other ALDC members do not get access to:

  1. Council group development days: Your local party gets a free away day or group training session on an annual basis by an ALDC staff member
  2. New secure and tested MiVote voting tool: This is for your AGM and meetings, see out blog post article here
  3. Permanent 12% discount for group members: Permanent discount that works concurrently with other discounts (apart from the £2.50 monthly concessionary offer)
  4. Candidates get half price membership before polling day: fill in this Typeform for 50% off membership when you join ALDC for the first time if your local party is in group membership and you are a candidate
  5. One free membership slot for a group researcher:  Keep your researcher or political assistant in the loop with a free slot so they can access all of ALDC’s policy services free of charge whilst in post  

To get this moving, essentially what happens is that the account holder fills in and signs the bank mandate form on the Dropbox link here.  Once you scan or send back to us in the post, we cancel all current direct debits to ALDC from individuals, and group members simply start paying the local party account instead.  On the Dropbox you will also find an FAQ sheet and motion for your local group regarding this.  We are happy to explain this further if you need more information, simply ring us on 0161 302 7532 or email:

If you would like to see a full list of benefits or different ways of interacting with ALDC, please visit: Join Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors and Campaigners | ALDC: Liberal Democrat Councillors and Campaigners

You can add as many candidates to your group as you like, and please let us know of any new candidates or campaigners who would benefit from ALDC support.

All files for download are here.

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