Brand new compliance training sessions now LIVE

Do you want to be an agent for the elections? Or just keep up to date with how compliance is changing in covid? To help you out, the Compliance Team are running a series of training sessions.  

It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure you stay on the right side of the law during the elections. You can sign up for these training sessions here: 

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April Campaign literature templates for English Council/Mayoral/PCC elections

This May’s elections in England are the biggest set of local elections for decades – with elections to councils at all levels, as well as Police & Crime Commissioners and Mayors.

The Campaigns & Elections Team have released template campaign literature for you to adapt and use in your local area during the regulated election period for these elections. They can be found on our Campaign Hub at the following links:

Templates for week 1 of April:

Templates for week 2 of April:

Templates for week 3 of April:

Templates for week 4 of April:

More templates will be added to these folders in the coming weeks, so please keep checking them.

The Campaigns & Elections Team are also working with our Campaign Managers in Scotland and Wales to produce the Election Addresses for the elections to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Senedd, as well as templates for teams on the ground in seats. Please contact your campaign manager for more details if you are unsure where to find these.

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