Stop the Tory power grab!

Some of you may have seen ALDC’s work to campaign against the chaotic Tory planning white paper that would take power away from local residents and put it in the hands of Tory big wigs in Whitehall.

We firmly believe that this planning white paper needs to be stopped and that decisions should be taken at the most local level possible.

Help us campaign to stop this outrageous Tory power grab by adding your name to this joint open letter that Friends of the Earth is doing with the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Letter/sign up:

List of councillors:

Cllr Clive World says

I am totally against local people being prevented from making comment on all planning issues.

Judith Hooper says

Local people must have a voice in local planning decisions, they understand the issues for their area. Developers do not.

Tony Carey says

The potential for real harm is immeasurable. How anyone could think up a plan like this is totally beyond me.

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