Voting Breakdown
Percentage based

Gains and Losses
Percentage based

Liberal Democrat – Liz Barrett, 1823 [31.6%, +2.8]
SNP – 1898 [32.9, +0.8]
Conservative – 1698 [29.4%, -1.8]
Labour – 204 [3.5%, -2.1]
Green – 135 [2.3%, +0.5]
UKIP – 18 [0.3%, +0.3]
Lib Dem GAIN

Graham Knight says

Has there been a typo on this 1823 (us)
1898 (SNP) ?

Dave Tooke says

Doesn’t make sense.
Figures above show:
SNP 1898
LD 1823

So SNP win?

Kevin Maher says

Scottish local are on STV so redistribution of votes must have worked in favour of the Liberal Democrats.

jenni ferrans says

figures shown are for round 1 of a proportional representation count. other article says she was awarded it after all 6 rounds of reapportionment.

John Grant says

STV I guess

Elaine Woodard says

I guess that’s first preference votes. They elect with STV I believe in Scotland.

Gordon Winter says

The by election is for one seat in a multi member constituency. Mark has shown the first preference votes; once the other candidates were eliminated the Liberal Democrat overtook the SNP.

It's a seat where the LD vote is usually top under STV, so it's unsurprising they won under AV, taking more preferences from the Conservatives.

Malcolm Mitchell says

Don't Scottish by-elections by either STV or AV and presumably the 3rd place Tories preferred Lib Dem to SNP if on AV or Labour nd Green voters preferred Lib Dem to SNP.

Dave C says

Hi Graham and Dave

I'm sure someone will be able to confirm, but I imagine this is to do with the voting system of transferable votes (STV) and that we're seeing the first round votes here.

It's actually a great system in my opinion, as you aren't just trying to vote for the most likely to beat the person you dislike the most, but ranking the options, meaning you can actually vote for your preferred candidate, then backup choices. Basically, we don't have to vote Tory to stop SNP or vice versa!

Dave C says

I saw this on a Facebook post, which explains it:

Stage one
BARRETT (LD) 1,823
CHAN (CON) 1,698

Stage two DAVIS excluded
BARRETT (LD) 1,824
CHAN (CON) 1,705
Didn't transfer 6

Stage 3 MACLACHLAN excluded
BARRETT (LD) 1,851
CHAN (CON) 1,713
Didn't transfer 22

Stage 4 DUNCAN excluded
BARRETT (LD) 1,925
CHAN (CON) 1,729
Didn't transfer 77

Stage 5 CHAN excluded
BARRETT (LD) 2,749
Didn't transfer 812

Zigurds Kronbergs says

I suspect what is shown are 1st preference votes. We were carried over the top by 2nd and 3rd preferences from Labour, the Greens and the Tories, I believe.

Paul Roberts says

Would be good to know how the transfers worked out

Alan Garriock says

LD win due to STV preferences.

Ian Franks says

The figures show FIRST PREFERENCES ONLY but this election was under proportional representaton. It would be good to see the final numbers too.

Andy Hyde says

This is Scotland, STV elections for councils!
Not the idiotic FPTP we have.

David Dobbie says

They have a more enlightened voting system North of the border. Votes shown are 1st Preferences. Transfers from other parties would of favoured us from the 3rd parties.

Eileen McCartin says

Our council votes are by STV in normal elections, AV in by-elections. So although the SNP won on the first ballot, by the 5th ballot, with all the transfers counted, Liz Barrett won easily against the SNP - 56%.

Doug Rathbone says

Er... it's including AV 2nd round...

Denis Loretto says

In Scotland local government elections are run on STV.

Peter says

Election held under Av method. Lib Dem elected on the sixth count. STV used in local government elections in Scotland when in multi seat wards.

Dr John Taylor says

Is it a win in the final stage of a PR count?

David Payne says

Certainly doesn't make sense, so I will try to double check by seeking other sources, which is really annoying.

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