Council Motion: Continuation of virtual meetings

We’ve all become more familiar with virtual meetings and for many of us, it has meant that we are able to attend a wider variety of events, consultations and meetings than we were able to before. Some of us may have faced opposition to this way of carrying out council duties and attempts to limit how it is used. This motion shows how we can ask that this way of working is maintained, at least while restrictions on meeting in person remain.

Continuation of virtual meetings

That this Council notes:

(a) As part of the Government’s lockdown measures, councils are permitted to

hold meetings and committees virtually, which [AREA] has

been doing successfully.

(b) The hard work and support put in by the Democratic Services and IT teams

to help in the set up and running of virtual meetings and committees.

(c) Virtual meetings make [AREA] Council a more inclusive and flexible


(d) Virtual meetings play a role in increasing the attendance record of all


(e) Live-streaming virtual meetings can increase public awareness and

participation in local government.

(f) Live-streaming virtual meetings increases the openness and transparency

of the Council.

(g) That the ‘place’ of the meeting is set by the Monitoring Officer for

Council/Committee Meetings and by the Leader for Executive meetings.

That this Council resolves to:

1) Request that the Monitoring Officer and Leader of the Council, continue

the hosting of virtual, live-streamed meetings and committees where

appropriate, alongside the option to physically attend, where legislation

and guidance allows.

2) Lobby the Government to continue to allow virtual meetings and remote

attendance in local government.

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