Update: Coronavirus and Campaigning

There have been some changes in the party’s official advice on campaigning. The biggest change is that as of 07/09/2020, part guidance allows us to starting knocking on doors again. The party’s general advice on campaigning at the moment can be found here. However, there are clear guidelines that should be followed and these can be found here.

This advice has been based on independent advice commissioned by the Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Regulator – this can be found here.

As with previous advice on campaigning during the Covid-19 pandemic, we would encourage everyone to be respectful of campaigners that may not feel comfortable campaigning as we normally would. It isn’t worth losing the support of someone who can be a great help in the future.

All of this advice is subject to changes in official Government advice and restrictions in your local area. The decision on when to knock on doors is still up to you locally. You know your areas best, and you will be able to make your own judgement on when it is appropriate to knock on doors. Most of all, keep safe and look after your residents and loved ones.

Anne Weir says

Will this be updated in light of the government's announcement today Wednesday 9 September?

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