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Cllr Nicola Clark – New Development Officer for Wales

We are delighted that, in conjunction with the Welsh Party, we have appointed Cllr Nicola Clark as the full-time Welsh Development Officer. Nicola was the Federal party’s training officer and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in training, campaigning, and as a councillor.

Nicola will be working jointly for the Welsh Party and ALDC, and will coordinate closely with the new staff team in Wales. She replaces the very much part-time development officer time that ALDC had previously been able to dedicate to Wales.

With Nicola in post, we will be able to offer much more bespoke Welsh support, including training, templates, and direct support for council groups.

Contact Nicola Clark

Cllr Nicola Clark | Development Officer – Wales
Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors and Campaigners (ALDC)
M: 07429 831737

Two important years for the Welsh Party

A number of ALDC members in Wales have been in touch to ask how ALDC will be supporting campaigning in Wales ahead of the Senedd election in 2021 and council elections in 2022.

There will be a meeting of ALDC members in Wales in September to discuss the possibility of establishing an ALDC state group for Wales, alongside similar lines to the Association of Scottish Liberal Democrat Councillors. There will be more information about this process soon.

In the meantime, we want to hear from our members in Wales – what training and resources do you want to see ALDC provide to help us win in Wales? Is your local party ready to start campaigning after Covid-19?

There are all-up local elections in every part of Wales in 2022, with new boundaries in every council. This presents us with a major opportunity to move forward in Wales and get many more Welsh Liberal Democrats elected.

Candidate selection and approval

Your local party should now be starting to think about the approval and selection of council candidates and there is a blog post and documents on our website about how to organise this important work: (Updated April 2020)

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