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We have produced this online version of our survey template. Please note that this is an example of how the online version should look, you should edit the questions to suit your local issues.

However, please do not edit the privacy statement. This is required by law and is important. You should edit the imprint on the final screen to include your local party details.

We have used the party-approved Typeform software to create this survey. You can access Typeform by clicking here.

When you start to build your survey, you will see that you can choose from different types of question as shown below. You can edit a question by using the spanner tool that appears to the bottom right of a question when you hover over it and add a picture by using the picture icon that appears next to the spanner.

You should choose the type of question that best allows the person doing the survey to answer. For a multiple choice questions, you can add several possible answers and allow more than one to be selected by clicking on the ‘multiple selection’ button on the left side.

Where you are asking the person to tell you details such as their name, address, email address or phone number and when you want them to give a slightly longer open-ended answer, we suggest using the ‘short text’ question type.

You may want to use the ‘question group’ question style which will group a series of related questions together. This will also allow the section title to appear at the top of the page when questions in this group are shown – as a useful memory aid to the person doing the survey. Below you can see how this looks when designing the survey.

At some points you may want to use ‘logic jumps’, these can also be found on the left hand column. For instance, if somebody says that they do not want to be contacted by phone, we do not need to ask them for their phone number but we can ask them for their email address, we just need to move them on to the correct question. Below, we can see how a logic jump is constructed.

At the end of your survey, you should put a thank you screen which includes your imprint. We also want to make sure that the person doing the survey cannot submit their answers before they have seen this final screen. To achieve this, we have made the final screen a ‘statement’ style question at the end of our survey, rather than using the ‘default ending’ style. You can see how we have done this below.

You can see our version of the survey by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss your specific survey and/or have any technical questions about using Typeform, please email

You can also see the paper template by clicking here.

Brian Wernham says


Re: "you should edit the questions to suit your local issues"




Hi Brian,

Easiest way is to copy and paste our questions in to Typeform and edit them there. If you want to go through Typeform itself, drop me a line ion and we'll do that.



Dave Brewis says

Hi Gareth,

I notice Typeform uses templates, so wondering if you have a template for this survey, as opposed to us copying and pasting the questions..

many thanks

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