Coronavirus (COVID 19)

The Party’s up to date advice is here.

Mark pittaway says

With Door knocking
What seperation distance do you advise for any conversation to take place?
What do you advise re door knocking high risk groups ie elderly or those with underlying conditions ?

Elizabeth Forbes says

Nothing dangerous about telephone campaigning. Maybe ratchet that up?

mark pittaway says

Can some answer my questions form last night ??

What distance should a door knocking conversation take place at ?

How do we deal with vulunerable groups ie elderly or medically challenged when door knocking?

Robin Bradburn says

Social Distancing is working well in many countries and the possible negative effect of the possible spread of the virus by door knocking which could be traced back to one party(proving to be an electoral debacle) are very real thus leafleting even though has its risks is possibly the best way forward until we know more. The prospect of people opening doors will diminish as the problem grows.

Gareth Lloyd-Johnson says

Hi Robin, different teams may want to react in different ways and our advice will change as we get more information or new advice from health bodies. At the moment the government has said that the local elections will take place on May 7th and that campaigning should continue. From the medical advice available we believe that continuing to campaign with the above precautions in place is proportionate and sensible. But you can make your own choices.

Gareth Lloyd-Johnson says

Absolutely Elizabeth! A very sensible idea.

John Robinson says

Thank you for your helpful analysis and advice. When looking at advice on the legislation delaying the local elections please consider this scenario. Working on classic ALDC timetable for rebuilding the LP using the May '20 elections our second Focus declared people as candidates. We have abandoned these. However, two press releases also mentioned candidates and this was printed. Concerned to be assured the legislation will deal with this (or have I got it wrong?). If some bright spark says expenses are now running where do you think we stand?

Richard Cole says


Expenses do not start until the day following the last date for the publication of the notice of election. As this had not been reached for this year, election expenses have not started.

Best wishes


Richard Cole says


To be very clear, the party's advice is not to door knock at the moment. If that changes, then the party is likely to suggest appropriate procedures.

If you come into contact with someone while delivering you should maintain the recommended 2 metres distance.


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