ASLDC Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Scottish Liberal Democrat Councillors & Campaigners (ASLDC) will be held by Zoom teleconference on Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 7pm.

Apologies should be intimated to me at

The meeting is open to all members of ASLDC but any potential new members are free to attend in a non-voting capacity.



1. Convener’s Welcome
2. Sederunt & Apologies
3. Minutes of AGM of 22nd February 2019 in Hamilton
4. Convener’s Report
5. Treasurer’s Report and approval of Accounts for year 1st January -31st December 2019
6. Election of Office bearers and Committee.
(Please note that, whilst all positions are open for election, we are particularly seeking a Secretary following the retirement of Derek Barrie after many years of service to ASLDC and the Party)
a) Convener
b) Vice Convener
c) Secretary
d) Treasurer
e) Minute Secretary
f) 7 Ordinary Members
7. Consideration of Motions (if any) – signed by at least 5 members of ASLDC and submitted no later than 7 days before the meeting.
9. Guest contributor – Richard Cole (Development & Field Team Manager, ALDC)

Any other questions?
If you have any more questions please contact

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