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ALDC sells books to help you campaign and win elections – Fundraise to Win, Messaging to Win and Pick a ward and win it. £10 non-members and £5 for members.

Fundraise to Win:

This book provides the principles to fundraising; from budgeting for success to finding the money to win. It’s full of fundraising ideas, such as dinners, raffles and 100 clubs. It includes the latest GDPR and PPERA advice checked for compliance by Liberal Democrat HQ. Also included are: how to find and start talking to big donors, how to budget and how to start legacy fundraising. Fundraise to Win is the perfect place to start if you’re new to fundraising as a Liberal Democrat and a great reference for the more experienced.

Messaging to Win:

This book is your guide to telling your residents who you are, what you believe in and why you are the right person to represent them. Vast resources have been put into finding the correct way to market a concept or an idea to the public – through academic work, case studies and our hard-earned experience – we explain how we can communicate with the right audience, make sure that they understand and like who we are and, crucially, vote for us. Messaging to Win is written by campaigners, for campaigners, with the simple aim of helping you and other Liberal Democrats get elected.

Pick a Ward and Win it:

This book is for aspiring campaigners and candidates who want to win their ward, make a difference and empower their local community. In Pick a Ward and Win It we give you the knowledge we’ve built up over years of campaigning, sharing tried and tested tips and rules. It’s not an exhaustive book – it’s designed to give you the pointers that you’ll need to get going in your first election and beyond. Winning has to start somewhere. Over a few years, winning a number of wards can lead to overall or shared council control, and to winning an MP. Some of our most successful Liberal Democrat areas began with a small team winning in one ward.

All of these are available at the ALDC Shop at a discounted price for ALDC members.

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