Registr: Marked registers made easy.

Registr is a piece of software exclusive to the Liberal Democrats that matches your marked registers (in PDF) form with data from Connect. This can save hours of manual inputting and allows you to focus on the campaigning that will lead you to victory.

Extensive testing means that the software attains a high rate of accuracy – something which has proven difficult for similar systems previously. The system is currently free to use but this will not be the case forever.

To obtain an account, please contact

Michael Mitchell says

How does this software relate to the postal vote register? As currently all our PV's are crossed through on the marked register and we are supplied with a separate PV file and have to manually input PVs who have voted.

Jane Quinton says

Please could you tell me exactly what input form this software will cope with. At present, our local authority will only give us paper photocopies of the marked register from the polling station and a pdf of the postal voters with a ** against those who have voted.
We could scan the paper copies, but some of the markings are pretty random.


simon mackenzie says

The registr system processes the marked register from polling stations and ignores postal voters. These can be updated afterwards - in most cases councils provide them electronically.

The input is scanned pdfs. Scanning and photocopying are the same effort so councils are usually willing to provide scans electronically if you ask nicely. Perhaps speak directly to the person who does the copying. A bonus is that electronic copies are half the price so saves you £100 per election per authority!

If you already have printed copies then these need to be scanned.

Whilst the markings are pretty random, the registr system can recognise most of them and currently achieves an average of 98% accuracy. It uses "machine learning" which means it has learned by example rather than been programmed. It has learned how to spot voters from examples of voter markings from over 20 local authorities and 100s of polling districts.

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