Council motion: Fairer Funding for Schools

Schools funding has been a contentious issue in local and national politics for some years now and I’m sure that all of us have experience of it in our local areas. This motion sets out some of the metrics that you can look at when assessing school funding in your area and provides links to useful sources. Similar resources should be available in most areas.

Proposed by Cllr. XXXXXX and Seconded by Cllr. XXXXXX

This council notes that:

  • Many schools in [Area] are not receiving the minimum funding of £3,500 per pupil for primary schools and £4,800 for secondary schools, as guaranteed by the Conservative Government’s National Funding Formula.[1]
  • [Area] is ranked [XX] out of 149 local authorities for school funding.[2]
  • Between 2015 and 2020 [Area’s] schools are predicted to have lost more than £11 million in funding, an average of approximately £147 per pupil.
  • The change in the “1 in 75” rule (devised to compensate schools that attract a disproportionate number of children with high needs), to “1 in 40” has removed a further £1.9 million of funding from [Area’s] schools.[3]

This council also notes that:

  • Schools are struggling to maintain the standard of education with the level of cuts faced.
  • Some schools are cutting the number of special needs pupils accepted in an attempt to plug the funding gap.[4]

The council therefore resolves to:

  • Call for the Council Leader to make representations to the national government, calling for:
    • A recognition of the harm that school cuts are having on the standard of education
    • The 2019 Spending Review to address the issue of school funding, such that all schools receive the minimum funding as guaranteed by the National Funding Formula, as well as fully funding the High Needs Block.
  • Commit to reverting to the “1 in 40” rule as and when additional money becomes available.



[3] P20


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