Smoke and mirrors in Government spending round say LGA Lib Dems

Responding to the Government Spending Round announced today, Cllr Howard Sykes MBE, Leader, LGA Liberal Democrat Group, said:

“We see yet more smoke and mirrors with today’s government spending review announcement. Only half of the £3.7bn is new cash and £1.85bn will be coming from pockets of hard pressed council tax and business rate taxpayers who are at breaking point.

“Additional freedoms and flexibilities are all very well, but its new hard cash that we need, backed up a commitment that isn’t just for 12 months, but a sustainable three year plus funding settlement.

“You can’t keep kicking the “social care can” down the road, nor can the crisis in children’s services keep being papered over and deferred to another day. Local government needs the security and reassurance of a long term settlement.”

Ed Davey MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor said:

“Two months ago, the independent watchdog, the Office for Budget Responsibility, warned a No Deal Brexit would cost the public purse 30 billion pounds, every year, for the next four years.

“What insurance has the Chancellor taken for this massive risk to his spending plans?

“Today was supposed to be a serious statement, but the Chancellor is more like Del Trotter at Peckham market, trying to sell the public, dodgy goods, with no guarantee.

“This isn’t luverly jubbly – it’s a rip-off!”

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