Voting Breakdown
Percentage based

Gains and Losses
Percentage based

Labour – 1097 [44.2%, -11.6%]
Lib Dem – Jessie Venegas, 755 [30.4%, +21.8%]
Conservative – 628 [25.3%, -10.2%]
Labour hold.

Tamara Dragadze says

It was a good campaign but fighting against the machine of generations of Labour people who can be called upon to man the polling stations and before that be out campaigning too is difficult for our new party to confront. And of course this is a good, pro-European, social democratic Council which is popular with all of us, frankly! However, Jesse Venegas is a lovely candidate and the actual campaign with mostly people who had not been in politics for more than a few years--was brilliant! And inspirational!

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