Council motion: Making main roads eco-friendly

All of us are aware of the pressures on council budgets and not always being able to achieve perfect outcomes. Whilst this can be frustrating, it can also encourage creative thinking. This motion highlights ways that we can incorporate eco-friendly ideas into existing infrastructure.


This council notes:

  • Air pollution is affecting the health of people in Liverpool – it affects the youngest, oldest, poorest and those that live near main roads most. It is linked to premature births and stunted lung growth in children and is a real danger to those with a heart or lung condition.
  • In the Liverpool City Region, a record 225,400 people have cardiovascular heart disease and around 42,800 people have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Fine-particle air pollution is particularly bad for us, penetrating deep into the lungs and cardiovascular system, causing diseases including stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory infections.
  • The World Health Organisation Report put Liverpool in the Top Ten Cities and Towns with a figure that exceeded the limit of 10 micrograms per cubic metre.

The climate change committee be asked to consider a radical programme for air cleansing including:

  • Converting bus stop roofs into plant-covered habitats will help combat air pollution, a leading cause of health problems in Liverpool as has been extensively undertaken in the Netherlands.
  • Working with community groups such as Allerton in Bloom, Woolton in Bloom and Childwall in Bloom to increase the amount of planting on and near main roads.
  • The development of green or living walls on suitable locations such as the Rocket bridge network.

This council believes these measures will

This council resolves to:

  • Discuss with Merseytravel, Adshel and other appropriate agencies to ascertain if this motion can be incorporated into the Bus Connects plan and other plans and rolled out in the city centre initially as a trial
  • Improve and create greener routes to bus stops making it a nicer environment and therefore more appealing to catch the bus.

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