Advice: Election Address and the Royal Mail

As speculation about a general election continues to grow, now is the point that we should be thinking about some of the practical aspects involved. One of the key things to get right is the election address (you may have heard this referred to as the freepost or election communication but we will use ‘election address’ to avoid confusion).

ALDC will be releasing templates for election addresses in the coming days.

We will be strongly advising that constituencies use our new ALDC Artworker product. We will be working with our colleagues at Election Workshop to offer you a service that reduces your workload and allows a strong product to be delivered to your residents.

You should already be thinking about the local issues and excellent photographs that will make your literature stand out.

It is also useful if you are aware of the requirements that Royal Mail have for election addresses. Whilst using ALDC Artworker will make this process smoother, you should have an understanding of the process and some of the constraints involved. The Royal Mail’s updated advice can be found by clicking this link.

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